Samsung Galaxy S2 Deleted Files Recovery –

Samsung is a famous Android phone brand that has captured more than half of the Smartphones market. They have launched many versions of Android phones, each with unique & advanced features that makes the user’s experience more exciting. But like any other storage device they are also prone to data loss. But the files deleted or lost under any scenario can be easily restored using a perfect & effective Android data recovery tool. The files are saved on Android phone’s internal as well as external memory storage i.e. memory card. The Android Recovery tool is capable to restore deleted photos from Android internal memory & the connected memory cards of various brands.

The loss of data from Android phone’s internal memory can be due to following reasons –

Accidental Deletion – Deletion of files can be mistaken or intentional but both leads to the loss of important data, that a user cannot afford. The files might get deleted while removing some unwanted ones or when the user is making space for new files to be saved on their phone. In intentional deletion, the user realizes the mistake that they have done by deleting the files, but now they can only regret.

Restoring to factory settings – Restoring to factory settings means to get back to the original settings when you have purchased the phone. By pressing this option, all the files stored on the internal memory of the Android phone will be lost. Even the applications that you have installed will be gone, along with their data that might have been saved on the internal memory or the external memory card.

Virus attacks – As Android phones are used to download & share pictures & other files very frequently, the chances of getting attacked by a virus infection are more. When viruses enter the Android Smartphone, it corrupts the files & application stored on it. This makes the files inaccessible but there are chances of deletion too. The antivirus that you are using on your phone might erase some files that it suspects as corrupted.

Transferring error – Suppose you are transferring files from your Android phone to your system through the cut + paste operation & suddenly your system gets shut down. The files that were being transferred gets lost from the phone. When you switch on the system, you find that the files are not there too. By using this tool you will be able to find the files missing due to transfer interruption & recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Smartphone.

Android OS version update – Many users keep updating their Android OS version to get access to all the latest features. But if during this process something happens or the process gets terminated, then there are chances that you will lose all the files saved on your Android phone’s internal as well as external memory.

The Android recovery tool is capable of recovering over 300 types of files including pictures, documents, videos, audio files, etc. You can even restore apps that you have downloaded from the play store. With the help of this software, you can also restore deleted files from Android Tablet where, Tablet refers to a digital gadget that have features of both mobile phone and a laptop without any difficulty.

Download the demo version of the tool & try it for recovery. If the tool is providing satisfying results then purchase the full version & save the recovered files to a desired destination.

Note : Never save the recovered files on the Android phone from where the files were deleted or lost.



How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S2?–

Step 1 – Download & the install the software. Now run it & click “Recover Deleted Files” from the main screen.

Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Galaxy S2 - Main screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen



Step 2 – Select the Android phone drive & hit the next arrow button.

Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Galaxy S2 - Drive selection

Fig 2 : Drive selection

Step 3 – As soon as the tool stops the scanning process, a list of recovered data is displayed.

Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Galaxy S2 - Recovered Data

Fig 3 : Recovered Data

Step 4 – Preview & save the recovered files.

Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Galaxy S2 - Save Recovered Screen

Fig 4 : Save Recovered Screen


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