Android Data Recovery on Windows 7 OS

Android phones can be connected to the Windows operating system to transfer data between them. Windows 7 is the latest & the most commonly used operating systems as it offers many features that makes the user’s work easy. But there are times when you might lose data that has been saved on it or in a device that is connected to it.

Some of the main causes of data loss from Android phones when it is connected to your Windows 7 OS are –

  • File transfer interruption – Suppose you connected your Android phone to a Windows 7 OS, to transfer some files from it to the system. Suddenly your system gets shut down & when you restarted it, you found that the files are not transferred. You reached for your phone but to your surprise, the files were not there too. The reason might be that you have used the Cut + Paste operation to move the files. This will lead to permanent deletion of files. The system might get shut down due to a power surge or intentionally pressing the power button.

  • Malware Infection – If your Windows system is already infected with some malevolent data then the Android phone when connected to the system will also get affected. There are chances that you might lose some data saved on it permanently. But it can be easily recovered using Android Data Recovery tool.

  • File system corruption – File system is responsible for the proper working of all the files saved on a system. When the file system gets corrupted due to a virus or improper handling of the system, then all files saved on it becomes inaccessible or in the worst case, goes missing. In this even if an external device like an Android phone is connected to it, there is a possibility that you might lose all its data too.

  • Unintentional Deletions – Most of the users are unaware of the fact that the files deleted from a connected device are permanently removed, even if they are erased using only the “Delete” option. You will not find the files in the Recycle Bin like the other files, that you delete from the internal memory.

  • Formatting – Formatting is very disastrous if it is done unintentionally. The reason is that you will not get a chance to take a backup of your important data & you will lose them all. You might accidentally format the connected Android device, while formatting some other drive.

In any of the above mentioned scenarios, the data is thought to be lost forever, but that is not the truth. By making use of a reliable & an efficient recovery tool, it can be easily recovered. The Android Recovery tool is able to restore over 300 types of files. If a user wants to retrieve only photos from Android phone’s internal memory then he / she can customize the process & do the recovery. Click here to know more on this topic. One can download the demo version of the tool & try it for recovery.



Five simple steps to recover Android data on Windows 7 –

Step 1 – Download & install the demo version of the tool & run it. Click “Recover Deleted Files” from the main screen.

Android Data Recovery Windows 7 - Main screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen



Step 2 – Choose the drive & hit the next arrow button to start the scanning process.

Android Data Recovery Windows 7 - Drive selection

Fig 2 : Drive selection

Step 3 – After that the recovered data list is displayed.

Android Data Recovery Windows 7 - Recovered Data

Fig 3 : Recovered Data



Step 4 – Preview the restored pictures.

Android Data Recovery Windows 7 - Preview Screen

Fig 4 : Preview Screen

Step 5 – Now if you want to save them, then buy the full version to do so.

Android Data Recovery Windows 7 - Save Recovered

Fig 5 : Save Recovered


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