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“I accidentally removed some apps when I was trying to rename them to .old. I tried downloading them from the market but I get force close errors. I don't know what should I do now. Can you tell me how can I get them back?”

Don’t panic if you are in the same situation or have deleted your apps due to some other reason. Deleted apps are not completely gone. The apps you purchase are generally stored in an online account and it allows you to re-download the app at no additional cost. The number of downloads varies depending on the provider of that application. When the number of downloads is finished then you will get a notification while installing the app. The steps to recover your apps will be different depending on the software you have used.

If this doesn’t work for you then you can make use of the Android Recovery tool that can be used to restore not only the deleted apps but also other files & folders. You just need to download the demo version of the software & install it on your Windows PC. Then follow the on-screen instructions & recover the files. This tool supports Android data recovery on Windows 7, 8, Vista & XP. Let’s see what are the situations when you might need this tool.

The main reason for deletion of apps is due to the use of “Restore Factory Settings” option. This option is readily available to the Android users therefore chances of data loss are high. Other than apps, all the data stored on the Android phone’s internal as well as external memory will be lost. You will even lose the messages & contacts that are saved on the phone’s internal memory. To get back deleted photos from Android phone’s internal memory, follow this link. The deletion of apps can be accidental also. You might remove some apps while deleting some other files. You might even use a third-party app to remove files & apps from your Android phone that leads to the deletion of files.

No matter what is the reason for deletion of installed Android apps, the solution is right here. In order to recover deleted Android apps, you can make use of the perfect recovery utility. The android recovery tool has been developed by industry experts & trusted by many users. It makes use of its advanced & deep scanning algorithms that scans the entire phone’s internal as well as external memory in just few minutes. This software also helps to restore deleted files from Android Tablet where, Tablet refers to a digital gadget that have features of both mobile phone and a laptop with ease.

The tool is extremely compatible with all the latest versions of Android OS & all the famous brands of Android Smartphones. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S2 user & looking for a tool to recover deleted files from it then take a look at this write up. It will provide you with all the possible data loss scenarios & their solution. Download the evaluation version of the software & judge the tool’s efficiency by performing the recovery & viewing the recovered files. If the results are satisfying then buy the registered version & save the restored files.



Follow these simple steps to restore deleted apps on Android phones –

Step 1 – From the main screen select "Recovere Deleted Files" option.

Recover Deleted Android Apps - Main screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen



Step 2 – Select the connected Android phone & press the next arrow button.

Recover Deleted Android Apps - Drive selection

Fig 2 : Drive selection

Step 3 – After the tool finishes the scanning, a list of recovered data is displayed.

Recover Deleted Android Apps - Recovered Data

Fig 3 : Recovered Data



Step 4 – Preview the recovered photos.

Recover Deleted Android Apps - Preview Screen

Fig 4 : Preview Screen

Step 5 – Save them after buying the registered version.

Recover Deleted Android Apps - Save Recovered

Fig 5 : Save Recovered


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