Have you accidentally deleted your important data from your Android Phone? If yes then here is the solution

Android Smartphones are in trend nowadays. Almost everyone owns a Smartphone these days because it has many captivating features that makes it popular. Android phones are not just a calling device, it can be used to take photos or videos, share them through the internet, play games, use apps of popular websites, etc. As Android devices uses operating systems, the chances of getting data loss problems are more. You might lose important & precious data due to many reasons but with the Android Recovery tool you need not worry at all. This tool is the best solution when you are stranded in a situation of data loss & wants to recover deleted files Android.

First let us know the reason behind the recovery –

Most of the users think that the files once deleted, cannot be brought back. They think that the files are permanently gone as the file’s entry is removed from the directory structure. But the reality is that the file is still present on the drive. Due to deletion, only the file pointers are removed that makes the file inaccessible & invisible. With the use of an efficient recovery tool, these files can be easily retrieved.

Note : Files, once overwritten cannot be restored, so immediately stop using the drive from which the deletion happened to avoid the overwriting.

The Android recovery tool can be used to –

  1. Restore erased files from Samsung Galaxy S2

    – Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most commonly used Android Smartphones that has many advanced features. But the data saved on it is not safe like in other devices. You might accidentally delete some important files saved on your Android phone, while removing unwanted ones. Suppose you are viewing pictures on your Android phone & found that some files are not up to the mark. You decided to erase those files but by mistake you selected some precious ones or pressed “Delete All” by mistake. The Android Recovery tool will be able to restore all the deleted files that are either accidentally or intentionally removed from your Android Smartphones.      
  1. Deleted Android apps Recovery

    – Applications developed for Android phones are known as apps. These apps use the external memory storage to save their database. But due to mishandling of the phone or the memory card, you might delete the data. This makes the apps inaccessible or sometimes leads to their deletion. This tool is efficient enough to recover deleted files Android phones by using its deep & advanced scanning algorithms. This makes the task fast & accurate that ensures the restoration of all the deleted apps & other files saved on the Android phone.
  1. Recover deleted pictures from Android internal memory

    – Some apps & data like contacts, messages, etc. are saved on the internal memory of your Android phones. The Android phones available in the market nowadays have a high capacity internal memory. Therefore, users do not feel the use of an external memory card. All the files are stored in the phone’s internal memory. The Android Recovery tool has the ability to perform recovery of deleted files & apps from its internal memory too.
  1. Android Phone data recovery Windows 7

    – The tool has a support of retrieving files deleted from your Android Smartphones on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems. As Windows 7 is the most widely used OS, therefore the tool should be perfectly compatible with it. This utility can be downloaded for free as a demo version & recovery can be performed by connecting your Android Smartphone to your Windows 7 OS. Even a person with no technical knowledge can perform the complex recovery operations as the tool’s interface is very user-friendly. You just have to follow simple on-screen instructions & the deleted files will be retrieved in just few mouse clicks.  

Some points that you should be careful of –

  • Keep your phone & its memory card aside, when you find that some important files are deleted.
  • Never download apps or files from unsecured websites to avoid incursion of virus in your system.

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